Adventure Tanzania

by car, foot, boat and plane 

Your wildlife experience starts now! 

Come and join one of our Safaris and you will be impressed by the wildlife
and nature in East Africa. Afromaxx explores the greatest wilderness 

areas on the African continent and we specialize in creating individual Safari since 2004.

adventure by car 

The most famous national parks in Tanzania are Serengeti and Ngorongoro Crater. The endless savannah of the Serengeti offers habitat for the animals of migration and for over 3000 lions, thus the highest concentration of Lions worldwide.

adventure by plane 

Zanzibar is located near the equator in the Indian Ocean with year-round warm bathing temperatures of 25 – 35 ° air and 23 – 28 ° water temperature. A trip to Zanzibar in Tanzania is closed from June to March recommend. 

adventure by foot 

The varied vegetation and the relatively easy ascent make the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro one of the most popular trekking destinations worldwide.  

adventure by car 

Sitting behind the wheel, being able to stop when the impressive landscape is breath taking. Enjoying the self-drive experience on the off roads regardless whether there is mud or powder fine dust on the ground. 


Tanzania protects about 30% of its land area in National Parks or wildlife
protected areas. In 21 national parks are lions, giraffes, elephants
and zebras are found throughout dry and rainy seasons. The huge wilderness
areas, in which the never-ending migrations of the wildebeest still exist,
are endemic flora and fauna and dramatic landscapes that show their most
intense colors during the sunset. 

The parks in the north of Tanzania with the Serengeti National Park and
the Ngorongoro Crater are the most famous nature reserves worldwide.
While the parks in the south and west of the country are still unknown,
despite the Savannah of Ruaha is with 20,226 km² the largest national park
in the country and in Katavi visitors can observe uncountable hippos families
and huge crocodiles. The great wildebeest migration remains the main
attraction during the safaris to Tanzania. 

The rich biodiversity of Tanzania provides controversial African cultures
an environment which keeps a sustainable behavior in everyday practice.
To visit nature tribes will benefit them in supporting where they are and
you as a visitor to rethink the way you are living. On the off all the snow-capped
peak of Mount Kilimanjaro and different volcanoes alone the East
African rift valley are just another destination for your bucket list. 

Afromaxx Goals  Our goal is first and foremost to give you a great vacation. Because if you are happy and satisfied with the trip, you will certainly recommend Afromaxx to others. This guarantees our employees the future. You will enthusiastically tell your friends and acquaintances about East Africa. Tanzania, Uganda and Rwanda benefit from this and the countries can develop naturally. 

Fair With respect and attention, we not only see you as our guest, but also our employees and contractual partners. As a tour operator, we value fair payment as well as timely adherence to payment modalities and respectful dealings with one another. In the unlikely event of complaints, our goal is to find a quick and fair agreement for everyone involved. 

Sustainable Travel The lodges in the national parks work with solar energy, reduce water volumes and locally produced food in an extremely ecological way. With a vacation in Africa, you not only support the promotion of social wellbeing, but also the preservation of national parks and their biodiversity. By the way, Tanzania banned the sale and use of plastic bags this year.  
Fast, Direct Communication Afromaxx knows his way around East Africa! We know the details and have a wide network to inform you about changes at short notice. You therefore enjoy first-hand advice. With Afromaxx, communication is faster than in many travel agencies because we do not have to ask our partners first and are unfiltered so that you can get a realistic picture.